Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Windows Live Sync vs. Windows Live Mesh and LogMeIn.Com instant remote desktop.

Windows Live Sync vs. Windows Live Mesh

Recently I was reading several Internet articles about Windows Live Sync and Windows Live Mesh Services. Unfortunately none of these articles did not clearly described the difference between these two. Both of these services allow sync of files between multiple computers connected to the Internet and sharing these with other users, but only Live Mesh stores files in the cloud and can be used for backup and recovery. Windows Live Sync is only holds information about computers and files to sync and copies files directly from computer to computer. Files cannot be synced if one of two computer is offline. Same type of sync on the local network can be easily done using Windows SyncToy tool. The advantage of Live Sync/Mesh Service computers can be located anywhere, connected to the internet and almost instantly sync the changes to the files. Same relates to Backup. In case of unexpected disk failure backup can be restored right off the Windows Live Mesh service and will be up to date in the most cases.

Windows Live Sync allows to synchronize up to 20 folders containing up to 20,000 files each. Individual files cannot be larger than 4 GB in size.

Windows Live Mesh offers 5 GB of online storage space.

There is another service called Windows Live SkyDrive which allows to store up to 25GB with individual file not larger than 50MB. Unfortunately this service doesn't have automatic upload tool like Windows Live Mesh.

Free LogMeIn Remote Desktop Service

Free LogMeIn service allows remote control of the computer desktop connected to the internet. It does not allow file transfer or any other operations except for Remote Desktop Control of the Computer. In combination with Windows Live Mesh and Windows Live Sync Services we can have Remote Desktop as well as instant file transfer.


Windows Live Sync

Windows Live Mesh

Free LogMeIn Remote Desktop Service

Windows SyncToy tool

Windows Live Sync vs. Live Mesh vs. SkyDrive: Which is Right for You?

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