Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New 2009 Year!

Now it is a time to celebrate end of 2008 year and make a list of everything that was done. I would like to thank everyone who took a time to read my posts and I am presenting a list of posts that were published in 2008 year.

.Net Development Tips

Free Internet Explorer Add-ons

Free Icon Collections

Free Windows Software Development Tools

Free Portable Applications

Free Internet Services and Tools

Free Visual Studio 2008 Add-ins and Tools

Free Visual Studio 2005 Add-ins and Tools

Free Translating Internet Services and Tools

Release Version Management

Better way to work with Remote Desktop Terminal Services

SQL Server Tip: Login failed for user 'username'

Free Multimedia Resources for Developers

Free Multimedia Applications

Free Add-ins for MS Office 2007

Internet Services to Search for Free E-Books and Manuals

Create simple "Hello World" Desktop Sidebar Panel Plug-In

Download Windows Updates for offline install

Happy New 2009 Year Everyone!

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